PANCARTA – Pandemic Answers Needed: Circus, Arts and Resources toward Adversity

Start: 01-03-2021 – End: 31-05-2023

Project Reference: 2020-1-ES02-KA227-YOU-016752

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Partnerships for Creativity

The project has a duration of two years: from the 21st of March 2021 to the 31st of May 2023.
The organisations that take part in this project are:
The Freak Cabaret Circus from Valladolid, Spain as main applicant and coordinator.
INAC, from Portugal ;
CARAMPA, from Madrid, Spain;
CRAC from Lille, France.

There will be four organizations leading groups of young people from rural areas and social disadvantages who will learn how to create performances and organize offline circus events, as well as an online festival. There will be an international group of youth workers from the artistic sectors, responsible for the artistic part of the show and the final ensemble of the creation.

The aim of the project is to work on the idea of learning how to “create” in times of pandemics. The creative process is changing so much during this period of crisis and we strongly believe that art is necessary to make people be able to think and dream, as dreaming is one of the few weapons that we have right now to bear these dark times we are living and we are fighting against right now. The more we are forced to make our process of knowledge digitalized and the less we are naturally able to use our own imagination to understand the world we live in and the changes we are part of.

The aim is to facilitate tools to the participants to help them to create an artistic piece to be shown at the end of the project.

The objectives of the project are:

Obtain youth workers with tools to support artistic and cultural creation, aiming at supporting youth in overcoming the current challenges and ensure their empowerment in creating in time of pandemic

Boost young people participation and creativity in the civil society, taking them onboard as main characters and organizers in cultural and artistic events
Enhance self-expression of young people with fewer opportunities through the sharing, application and consolidation of best practices developed and adjusted by youth workers coming from the artistic sector

Provide space for peer-to-peer interaction, with new technology, enlarging and deepening ways and tools for marginalized youth to be part of artistic events, within the restriction of the pandemic and potential future emergency

Improving hope, solidarity, EU citizenship, commitment and competencies of young people with fewer opportunities and youth workers from the artistic sector through the empowerment in creation and online event management

Promote the awareness of the EU response to COVID for several sectors, mainly EU Youth Strategy, Erasmus +, EU solidarity Corps and the relevant EU platform in order to contribute to social adaptation

The groups of youth will work on these creative ideas during the two years of the project and will be supported with online masterclasses and tutorials. Throughout the project, youth workers and youth will be supported by partners in the organization of creation labs, presencial workshops and circus days. This will happen through joint short-term staff events. Furthermore, 2 blended mobilities of youth are foreseen, to make them the main character of the project. In fact, the group of youth will actively contribute to the development and mise en place of the Cupula Festival, in Portugal, while the final festival will take place in an online setting in Valladolid.

As main outcome there will be a process-oriented and result-driven manual of good practices on how to deal with creativity and event management during the pandemic, along with design an idea of an interacting and inclusive online festival of performing art, shape the communication, launch activities and evaluate its social impact.

The main point would be now to involve youth from rural areas and facing social obstacles in the overall design, creation of performances and events like this, culminating in a festival, where they can express their hope, dreams and solutions for the pandemic, with a strong social impact.


FE.EM emerging circus festival premiere on February 1, 2 and 3, 2023. It is an online festival, where you can enjoy a total of 16 shows and 6 interviews with emerging artists, from 10 different countries.

We understand «emerging» artists, generally young, who are just emerging into the professional world and who are creating their own companies and/or shows. Artists with new ideas and with different ways of expressing themselves through their disciplines.

FE.EM in its first version hopes to serve as an online event for the diffusion of work and audiovisual material of emerging circus artists and companies.

For the realization of this festival, 6 young people from three european circus schools, Crac Lomme (Fr), Inac (PT) and Carampa (SP), along with their respective coordinators and The freak cabaret circus (SP) as the main coordinator of the project, have come together and worked mainly remotely.

This project was designed in times of pandemic, where the future of many young people was blurred due to the lack of opportunities. The aim of the project is to work on the idea of learning to “create” in times of pandemic by providing tools to the participants to help them create an online circus festival.

Enjoy the festival